Created and Directed by
Hideo Kojima

Hate Machine Award

for crimes against gaming

The eyes say it all.
At this point - why the fuck not.
All year, every year
What, you don't want to play with Chinese people that don't speak English, largely use hacking tools, have 800 ping and bomb the community pages? What are you, Sinophobic?
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Activision took a lesson from Blizzard and locked off content by putting it behind a massive number gate; one that demands more and more numbers as time goes on.
Destiny 2
shit game i guess
Due to consumer backlash, this will now require about 75% fewer votes to win. Also, your vote is worth 75% less. Don't worry, it's so you get a sense of pride and accomplishment in the end.
Star Wars Battlefront II
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No matter how much of a fuckup at life you are, just know you'll never inspire different nations and states to take legislative actions against you.
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He committed the ultimate sin against /v/ - he was bad at vidya.
Dean Takahashi
Press A to jump and dash
How the fuck am I supposed to write a flavor text about this?
The Entire Western AAA industry
all of them
It's like on-disc DLC, only they patch in the locked DLC.
Creation Club
Paid mods with another name
As usual, jumping on the latest gaming trend years after its peak.
Epistle 3
for existing
A-at least Megaman 11 looks... not as bad as we expected?
Just because it's on the disk doesn't mean it's free
Those votes? They're yours.

The Awards

Most Hated Award

for most hated game of the year

Least Worst Award

for least worst game of the year

HALL-A Award

for best writing/story

🤔 Award

for worst writing or story

Ballmer Award

for best developer of 2017

Guilty Pleasure

for the game I like but /v/ hates

DeviantArt Award

for worst character

Slayer Award

for best character

/v/irgin Award

for best new IP

Hate Machine Award

for crimes against gaming

Niche Award

for best game nobody played

A E S T H E T I C S Award

for best visual aesthetics

Tablet Mode Award

for worst visuals

Comfy Award

for comfiest game

Plot and Backstory Award

for best representation of women in gaming

Privilege Award

for best representation of men in gaming

IP Twist Award

for best implementation of an old franchise

Hyperbole Award

for best trailer


for most pretentious indie game

PaRappa The Award

for best soundtrack

Seal of Quality Award

for biggest technical blunder

Press X To Win the Award

for worst gameplay

Grammy Award

for best song from /v/ The Musical 5

Worst Publisher Award

for worst publisher of 2017

Good Deed Award

for redemption in gaming

Kamige Award

for best eroge

Deja Vu Award

for worst sequel

/vr/ Award

for best video game of 1997

Unregistered Hypercam 2 Award

for best video game of 2007

"Hello, Fellow Posters" Award

for most blatantly promoted game

Guybrush Award

for best game under $20

Please Be Good Award

for most anticipated game of 2018 and beyond

Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry™ Series

for best box art

Golden Broom Award

for worst game to sweep the /v/GAs

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