Logo of the 2017 Vidya Gaem Awards

Cast and Crew of the 2017 Vidya Gaem Awards

Production Team:

Directed by PhoneEatingBear

Produced by PhoneEatingBear & Anonymous

Assistant Producer CounterTunes

Template by Ghost & Segab

Edited by PhoneEatingBear

Voiced by Jab50Yen, Duke, CounterTunes, John C, DonnyQ & Microsoft Sam

Music by MatrixMarioX, FutanariVorestep.exe, Jab50Yen & FR3AK

Writing Team:

Lamer Gamer, Duke, Beatstar, PhoneEatingBear, GreenTeaCoffeeByMe, Val, Argin, Importuno, Ghmorello, Avex, Val, Dr. J, Ahch & Kurushi

Video Team:

CounterTunes, Anonymous, Lamer Gamer, PhoneEatingBear, DBraymz & Segab

Research Team:

Segab, Lamer Gamer, CounterTunes, Anonymous, Quinmael, Stevie T Transmission, Bird, GreenTeaCoffeeByMe, Importuno & Theu

Skits and Bumpers:

“2017 Overture” – BroBuzz
“Hotline Miami 3 - 90s Hole” – Anonymous
“In The Hall of Combo Fiend” – Anonymous
“Kratos Swimming” – SpaceCopS
“ABCs of Vidya” – Voluntary Ignorance
“King of Moon Flowers” – most
“Anon's Wacky Christmas” – Anonymous
“The Joi of Gaming” – Neatoburritoproductions
“Bonzi Buddy” – Shuttah
“David Become Cage” – PowerPak
“A BOX” – CounterTunes
“Vidya Reference!!11” – Oast
“funnykat 2017 - Beast” – merinuza
“Pubmart Shopping Network” – Shuttah
“2B Ass Bumper” – most
“>shadman Bumper” – most
“Ironic Shitposting Bumper” – Duke
“Sonic Bumper” – most
“Yakuza Bumper” – most
“Cities Skylines Bumper” – CounterTunes
“paint.exe Bumper” – Shuttah
“SoyBoy64” – - Nillor

Pleb Patrol:

Preshow by Anonymous

Intermission by CounterTunes

Credits by Ahch

Ahch's Wife: YoRHa No.2 Type B

Website by Clamburger, Segab & (You)

Special Thanks:


And most importantly, you!

>they contribute to a shitty online video game award show

>they take their jobs very seriously

>they do it for free